For many working parents the long summer holidays are a time of extra hard work and added stress.

As a mother of 3 teenagers, we seem to host a permanent all holiday long sleepover. Then there are the endless rounds of laundry as they come and go from festivals and camping trips and the fridge and larder are always empty no matter how much shopping we do!

Particularly tricky for us is the fact that my husband and I run our business predominantly from a home studio where our editors, developers and clients work and visit.

The holidays did not start well as one of my teenagers drifted into the kitchen at midday with a few friends in tow to make brunch for everyone which naturally involved berries the ‘Bullet’ and lashings of avocado, coinciding with lunch prep for our editors and graders. So we established a few ground rules, the first of which is the kitchen closes for breakfast at 9:30 am! Here are a few of the others:

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